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tv   News4 Today  NBC  May 10, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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mother's day to all the moms out there. welcome to "news 4 today." >> i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. glad you can join us early. outside looks like it's trying little peeks of blue. >> human start to the day but amelia tells us it will make it out, right, amelia? >> yes. more and more sunshine across the area. by this afternoon, skies partly cloudy skies. satellite and radar not tracking any rain in our area right now. notice the most cloudiness around d.c. metro area south through northern and southern maryland. more breaks in the cloud cover back to the west in the mountains in west virginia. you're into full sunshine there, kind of that easy sky over the district with temperatures 75 tracking fog this morning. that is no longer an issue right now. highs will be low- to mid-80s in the afternoon hours.
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2:00 temperature around 82. 4:00 p.m. 84 85 that's our high for today. tomorrow start off with faug a chance of showers and storms. also a shower today. i'll have more coming up in a bit, angie. >> amelia thanks so much. a big event for fallen officers. 20nnual law ride kicks off in northeast d.c. the event is the first of several similar events that make up police week in our area. news 4's derrick ward at the stadium with a preview of what to expect. i see a lot of bikes behind you. >> one, two, three -- you get the idea a lot of bikes out there. you can see the numbers have grown since we came to you last. this is a tradition from 20 years. take a look at earlier today and press rides. this is kickoff for police week in the capital. motorcycles are mainstays of these events. this wo used to kick it off.
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a lot from law enforcement, retired, active and people from all over. people ride because motorcycle enthusiasts, want to be part of a community. we hear about bringing it together law enforcement and let's hear from an organizer. >> it's a community involved event, not just law enforcement. we welcome because we have families that come out and support us. through the washington community they come ought and support law enforcement. they appreciate the job we do. >> big part of this ride is the destination. they will leave here rfk stadium parking lot any minute now and head down to the national law enforcement officer's memorial where there will be a wreath laid. that's a big part of what police week is about in the nation's
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capital. live at rfk, news 4. >> very important indeed. thank you, derrick. the log ride the first of several events to rerp officers. also a 5 kwiatkowski today. tomorrow agencies will come together at a law enforcement memorial service. on tuesday another bike ride will raise money for the law enforcement memorial fund. officers will hold a candlelight vigil wednesday night in ridgeway. a story we're following, two police officers dead in mississippi and multiple people facing charges for those deaths. police charged a man and a woman with capital murder in hattiesberg in southern part of mississippi. after a manhunt that arrested and charged another man as well. police say the suspect shot the officers after they pulled over and then took off in their police car. the officers were 25 and 34 years old. >> right now police investigating a homicide in the southeast. police responded to reports of a shooting after 2:00 a.m., this is on south capitol near o
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street. one man killed. police do not have a suspect. prince george's county firefighters saved an infant from a burning building in langley park. we're working to find how that fire on guilford road ended last night. four people and a baby had to be rescued from the top story of the three-story apartment building. smoke and heat prevented the people from using the stairs. they had to wait on their balconies. the baby was taken to the hospital to be checked out and is expected to be okay. a man facing charges after he entered a university of maryland dorm and touched a female student inappropriately. police say he entered the room where a woman was sleeping and then touched her. he then ran off after she woke up and started screaming. it happened early friday morning. colby was drunk at the time. police say dorm residents did let colby into the building. he was able to get into three different rooms because the doors were not locked. colby facing charges for sex assault and burglary.
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"brave" today the artist prince will headline a special rally for peace in baltimore. the singer released a new song about the city and recent violence. can you listen to that song at today's rally for peace is in honor of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died of a spinal cord injury he received while in police custody. other surprise artists are expected to perform today at the concert which is held at the royal farms arena. >> it's sunday morning. here are stories coming up in the week ahead. tomorrow leaders in montgomery county could approve a body camera program for police. the county council will review the budget for the police department. they will spend $600,000 to equip officers with cameras. virginia governor bob mcdonnell in court. his lawyers delivering oral arguments in the appeal in his corruption case. mcdonnell could spend two years in prison for trading political influence for $160,000 in loans
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and gifts. on friday we'll learn how a d.c. rabbi could spend behind bars. he pleaded guilty to secretly recording women in a religious ritual bath in georgetown. prosecutors asked the judge to sentence him to prison for 17 years. holy pants. second degree burns. why the mom blames the iphone for sending her 12-year-old to the emergency room. snow in april. where folks are having a deja vu of winter. >> the comment the georgia principal is pl guysing for after what she said led to students and parents walking
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we need you to channel the magic of tuskegee toward the challenges of today. >> first lady michelle obama speaking to the graduating class at tuskegee university in alabama in a deeply personal speech mrs. obama said tuskegee's defining story is one of rising hopes for african-americans. she told students she struggled as then senator obama began to run for president and she dealt with people's misperceptions and stereotypes. she said it, quote, knocked her back a bit but said it did not define her. she urged students to stay true to themselves as they chart their own course. today's class of 2015 walk the line. students graduated at 10:00 this morning, so going on now. school of international service,
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family and friends expected to swarm the campus. congratulations to all of you for all that hard work. a big weekend for students and parents at howard university the class of 2015 graduated yesterday. lots of smiling and crowd families attended the ceremony. howard also granted a number of honorary degrees during the ceremony including a doctor of humanity. how cool is this morgan freeman. >> i know. i was talking about that yesterday. shocking offensive comments at a commencement in an atlanta suburb. a school's director is now apologizing for what you're about to hear. >> it was my fault it wasn't in the program. all the black people -- [ inaudible ] >> yeah. the director mistakenly skipped a speech in the program. she wanted to do it anyway but teens started to leave. she then said quote, look who is leaving, all the black
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people. the woman is also the school's founder. since those comments she apologized saying quote, i take personal interest in the success of every student that comes through without regard to race religion or ethnicity end quote. >> it's something kind of like out of the movie twister. this is real life for folks in the west taking cover from tornadoes. now learning one has become deadly. let's look outside our window. amelia putting on final touches on the forecast including chance of rain and 90 degree weather. we can see
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military bases across the country raising threat level in part because of terror groups like sis. another woman in the race for president. >> joining us to break it down is moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. thanks for joining us. want to begin with fbi raising terror threat to bravo. we know part of this not specific part is masters of using social media to recruit. is this more than psychological warfare we're dealing with? >> it is more than that. fbi director james comey seems truly alarmed by this. i think he's trying to stir concern here in washington. it's like guys, almost like shaking us by the lapels here and saying this recruitment sis
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is doing on social media. this is what he thinks happened in texas. he has investigations in all 50 states. you'll learn on the show it takes 30 fbi agents to investigate one potential isis recruit they are looking at. look at the resource demand. what is the u.s. government doing on the social media front. it is tried and tried and tried all areas push back against propaganda has not worked. >> are we at war with isis? i mean technically? >> i guess. congress has yet to. >> i'm saying from a declaration of war perspective. >> sounds like declared war against sis ifisis. if you're seeking to dismantle or destroy something that's war. isis saying finding loan wolves
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marginalized here. you'll hear from psychological experts what social media does give loan wolves who may have been outcasts here a sensef belonging to something. that's how they are effectively able to push them to do violent things. >> big week for announcement on gop side running for president. we have another woman in the race now. how does that change things up. >> should be the only one of the debate somewhere in a tie. no. that's a significant factor on the republican side of the aisle. she has been very comfortable basically using hillary clinton as a foil essentially saying hey, let me tell you about my background. let me tell you about business background. double edged sword. one hand ceo, other hand tenure at hp was rocky. we get into it a little bit on her tenure at hp. it is the number one qualification she's putting out there. >> we're talking about carly
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fiorina. >> seeking presidency. >> also about moms. >> not only in the happy way but how tough it is to be a working mom. young working mother cost of child care united states we are way behind the rest of the sfrilized world on these issues. others have done this. norway number one. you know why they did it? they needed more people in the workforce so they said hey, why don't we support women. >> thanks chuck. you can see every sun on nbc 4 right after "news 4 today." a 12-year-old girl said her iphone burst into flames. how the girl and her mom are reacting. >> i just walked out of the house the alexis says it was a typical school morning. her iphone 5c top end, melted
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open was tucked in the back pocket of these jeans. before she ever arrived for class, she said that phone burst into flames leaving her with these second degree burns. >> it hurts really bad. >> you're still in pain. >> alexis tells us the phone had been working normally. during her walk, alexis tells us she heard a crackling sound coming from the phone but wasn't until she got here directly across from the school that she said she noticed smoke actually coming from her back pocket and pulled out a phone that was on fire. >> through it on the ground and started stomping out the fire. >> a crossing guard that saw it happen rushed axe alexis to the nurse. >> oh, my god, her pants, the phone. >> for her parents the phone intended to provide peace of mind no longer does. >> we depend on these phones. the same phone i'm depending on is going to wurn my daughter. burn my daughter. thank god it wasn't her face. >> apple said they could not comment because the customer had not contacted the company directly. phone line records state using a third party charger,
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unauthorized service or tampering would void an iphone warranty. like most her age, alexis still wants a phone but not the iphone 5c. reporting in northeast philadelphia, george spencer, nbc 10 news. severe weather is whipping through southern states. at least one person is dead after this large tornado touched down outside of cisco, texas, yesterday. a local judge said it created five miles of destruction. second tornado hit near wichita falls. police in southern oklahoma faced quarter-sized hail. forecasters say more heavy rains are on the way today. take a look at this. conditions in rapid city, south dakota have rapidly deteriorated deteriorated. national service said parts of wyoming, sack oh, my goodness in for heavy snow. up to two feet in some areas. newborn and young livestock at risk. snow likely followed by rain tomorrow. >> we thought we had the never ending winter.
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so far seems like spring storm system has been active. >> we were stuck in summer-like pattern tuesday. a lot attributed to tropical storm ana. tropical storm tuesday night, humidity really nice finish wednesday through friday. >> before we talk weather, let's talk your mom. >> i want to say happy mother's day to my mom. that's a picture of when i was really young. it's very curly. so there we are. we're the most dedicated people i know. works out every day. commuted from frederick, washington 20 plus years. still works at her same job. she's funny, knows every sport and still lives in frederick. hi mom, she's so fun. she's like my best friend. we talk every day. we'll get back to weather. for mother's day looking at mainly dry conditions.
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a chance of some showers and thunderstorms today. it is going to be a mainly dry day. that is in the forecast monday tuesday, hoping for rain water so you don't have to water it. spring like you said returns on wednesday. beautiful finish for the week. temperatures in the 70s, 75 washington 72 leesburg as well as gaithersburg. sunshine continues to break out. storm team 4 radar still dry across the immediate area. keeping a close eye on ana, south carolina and north carolina. here is sky cast 4, 11:00 a.m. breaks in the clouds temperatures upper 70s. afternoon hours hit or miss showers, otherwise partly cloudy skies, low- to mid-80s. pretty nice this evening aside from the humidity it's comfortable outside.
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some of you are doing grilling for mom tonight. thanks for that. that early morning commute. mild temperatures in the mid-70s. once again starting off with plenty of clouds. the afternoon hours clouds start to break up research with kids. muggy today, worse tomorrow. by dismissal tomorrow showers or storms possible so that could impact after school activities hi temperatures tomorrow 80 degrees will on tuesday a little more in the way of sunshine. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a little breezy on tuesday. not as humid. look at the high temperature, near 90 degrees. the heat is still here. that cold front could touch off shower or thunderstorm later in the day tuesday. not likely but put the threat in. wednesday plenty of sun, low humidity thursday friday low- to mid-70s, mostly sunny skies. for saturday the chance of
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rain. otherwise mostly cloudy high
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sorry i slapped a girl and broke her glasses and you had to buy a new one. for mother's day, if you're watching i would like to say you deserved it. >> you did. >> the cast of "snl," they
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celebrated their moms by apologizing for all the strange things they did as kids. each cast member brought their mom on stage and said sorry for some pretty embarrassing stuff. plus reese witherspoon brought out her mom. after kids apologized for making moms jobs hard the mom got back with them with some of her home videos. >> four things to know later today. prince will headline a special rally for peace in baltimore. the concert is set to begin at 8:00 p.m. today's rally for peace in honor of freddie gray. >> charged with accessory to murder in death of police officers in mississippi. they say the suspect shot officers. >> in northern d.c. dozens of people about to start 20th annual log ride to remember officers who died on the job. it's the first event to honor those two guys. >> tropical storm ana has now made landfall along carolina
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coastline, impact in southern virginia as residents move north of the coast of carolina. >> today is mother's day. this day dedicated to moms. this is trending right now on yahoo!. a ballooned mother just experienced her baby's face thanks to the art of 3d printing. the doctor presented to her during the
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this sunday, terror in the age of social media. >> when twitter takes down accounts, jihadists open new ones. >> is the u.s. losing the online battle with isis? carly fiorina says it's time for a woman president, just not hillary clinton. she joins us live. also president obama takes on a liberal hero on trade, none other than elizabeth warren. >> she is absolutely wrong. >> this mother's day. being a mom in america. >> women in places like southeast washington have more in common with women in kenya. >> finally, the inevitable brady and belichick deflategate and comparison to the clintons. >> i'm chuck todd.


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